OPE体育电竞官方网站:Some of Google’s fiercest corporate critics in the US have written to Europe’s antitrust chief backing what is expected to be a record fine against the internet search company, and rejecting claims that the case has been fuelled by anti-American bias.美国一些对谷歌(Google)所持最反感抨击态度的企业致函欧洲最低反垄断官员,反对对这家互联网搜寻公司判处金额未来将会创纪录的罚款,并驳斥了该案受到反美种族主义推展的众说纷纭。“As US companies, we wish to go on record that enforcement action against Google is necessary and appropriate, not provincial,” the seven signatories, including News Corp, Oracle and Yelp, wrote.在信上亲笔签名的7家企业——其中还包括新闻集团(News Corp)、甲骨文(Oracle)和Yelp——写到:“作为美国企业,我们期望公开发表声明,对谷歌采行的执法人员行动是适当和必要的,不是地方保护主义。

”The attempt to dispel claims of European protectionism came ahead of the expected announcement on Tuesday of a fine topping 1bn against the US search company over an eight-year-old probe involving online shopping.此举是对有关欧洲宿老贸易保护主义众说纷纭的驳斥。预计,欧盟周二将宣告对谷歌判处逾10亿欧元罚款,这一惩处是基于一项长达8年的对在线购物问题的调查。Signatories to the letter supporting the EU action include some of Google’s most bitter rivals. Oracle won a contentious copyright case against the search company last year, while News Corp has long railed against Google’s growing power over the media industry. Yelp has pushed — so far unsuccessfully — for Brussels to take up its own antitrust complaint against the company.在上述信上签署反对欧盟惩处行动的,还包括谷歌一些最白热化的竞争对手。甲骨文去年输掉了一场充满著争议的、针对谷歌的版权官司,新闻集团则长年批评谷歌对传媒产业日益强化的影响力。


Yelp已推展欧盟拒绝接受它自己明确提出的针对谷歌的反垄断受理,但目前为止未予顺利。The case has threatened to ignite simmering unhappiness in Silicon Valley and Washington over Europe’s recent challenges to leading US tech companies. These last burst into the open a year ago when Apple fiercely criticised a 13.2bn fine levied over the special tax deal it had struck with Ireland.该案可能会爆炸硅谷和华盛顿方面对欧洲近期挑战美国顶尖高科技公司不道德的反感。