OPE体育电竞官方网站-Don’t you just hate it when you have to take an important phone call and you’re surrounded by potential eavesdroppers? You either have to whisper or go outside to keep the conversation private, which is not exactly ideal. Now, a new gadget aims to fix this problem by muffling your voice and making you look like Bane in the process.当你收到一个最重要电话,却找到身边有可能有人在偷偷时,不会会实在很喜欢?为了维护通话隐私,你即便想,也不能减少音量或者过来说道。不过现在,有个新的装置能老大你解决问题,它可以弱化你的声音,而且你戴着上它就好像合体《蝙蝠侠》中的主角贝恩。

Hushme is a bizarre high-tech mask that blocks the sound of the wearer’s voice so that people nearby can’t hear what is being said. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and comes with a pair of earbuds. When you get a private call, all you have to do is put the muzzle-like mask on and it will do the rest. The pair of thick cushy pads over your mouth do a good job of muffling your voice, but to ensure nothing gets through, Hushme also features external speakers that play a variety of sounds when you speak.Hushme是一款样子怪异的高科技口罩,它能隔绝配戴者的声音,这样周围人就听得将近讲话的具体内容。它通过蓝牙相连手机,并备有一副耳机。你在收到私人电话的时候,只要戴着上这个嘴套式口罩,只剩的一切它都会老大你解决问题。

它有两块厚重的软垫遮住嘴唇,消音效果十分出众,另外为了确保没声音泄漏,Hushme的外部扬声器也是众多特色,它可以在你讲话的同时播出各种各样的声音。The Hushme mask, which comes in a variety of colors, can be worn around the neck, like a regular pair of earphones, and attaches in front of your mouth thanks to a couple of very powerful magnets. It’s not yet clear how comfortable speaking wiOPE体育电竞官方网站th this Bane-like mask over your mouth really is, or how effective its speech muffling capability is, so all we know so far is that it makes you look weird.Hushme口罩有多种颜色可可供挑选出。


它可以像普通耳机一样戴着在脖子上,也可以靠两块强力磁铁的导电而牢牢地车顶在嘴上。不过,戴着这个看上去像贝恩的口罩讲话否舒适度,以及它的消音能力否有效地,都还有待检验,目前告诉的就是它戴上去变得很怪异。The sound options for covering your voice currently include wind, ocean, rain, birds, monkey, squirrel, R2D2, laughing Minion and Darth Vader breath, but new ones could be added in the future.如果想用其他声音掩饰自己的声音,目前可供选择的有风声、涛声、雨声、鸣叫、猴子叫、松鼠叫、《星球大战》里R2D2机器人的声音、小黄人的笑声和达斯?维达的呼吸声。


不过,以后还不会追加其他选项。While Hushme is promoted as a phone call privacy protection device, you could always use it to protect your ears from loud mouth co-workers at the office. Just slap this baby over their mouths and you can get on with your work.虽然Hushme的定位是通话隐私保护装置,但你也可以用它来维护耳朵,免遭办公室里大嗓门的同事的阻碍。只要把这个小玩意卡在他们嘴上,你之后能耳根清净,放心工作了。

Advertised as the “world’s first voice mask for mobile phones”, Hushme was unveiled at CES, at the beginning of this year. It’s not commercially available yet, but its makers plan to start a crowdfunding campaign in May, and to start selling it by the end of the year. Engadget reports that it will cost around $200.今年年初,Hushme在国际消费类电子产品博览会上亮相,它被宣传为“全球首款手机消音口罩”。Hushme如今还未上市,但制造商已计划于五月份发动众筹,并于年底预售。《瘾科技》称之为,Hushme预计售价在200美元(1378元人民币)左右。:OPE体育电竞官方网站。